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Crafted with botanicals 

native to Western Australia


Bombak Distillery is a family-owned & run distillery located in Osborne Park, Western Australia. Our location is traced back to our immigrant Croatian Great Grandfather who set up market gardens on the land in 1946. The land was worked by three generations including our father and is again being used by the fourth generation to handcraft spirits.

Nick Bombak is the Master Distiller at Bombak Distillery, which handcrafts small batch gins. Nick has a passion for creating contemporary style gins focusing on using Western Australian natives and fresh WA ingredients to produce truly unique flavours. Bombak Distillery’s award-winning gins have received accolades from the Perth Royal Show, Australian Distilled Spirits Awards and Australia Gin Distillers Association. Nick is an Environmental Scientist by trade; holds a Bachelor of Science and qualifications from the Institute of Brewing & Distilling.

Grown from

      the family tree




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Flora Gin

"Imagine the scents of the
West Australian bush after rain"

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Distilled Spirits Awards 40mm 2022_Silver.png


Flora Gin

41% ABV

Our Flora Gin uses West Australian native species including Geraldton Wax (C. uncinatum), Bottlebrushes (Callistemon R. Br) and Sweet Peppermint leaf (A. flexuosa) to generate a herbaceous flavour that could only come from the evolution of West Australian Flora in our geographical isolation.

Citrus Gin


Citrus Gin

41% ABV

Our Citrus Gin is inspired by native species including Lemon Grass (C. ambiguus), offering earthy citrus notes along with Sweet Peppermint leaf (A. flexuosa) that provides a sweet undertone and fresh citrus lifting the spirit to help create a delicate and rounded West Australian gin.

"Aromatic fresh citrus on the nose that leaves a subtle, earthy citrus tone on the palate that will linger well after that first sip"

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Food Awards 2021 SILVER copy.png
Navy front_cut out_1 copy.png

"Fresh Juniper on the nose moves onto subtle sweet citrus at the back of palate, a gin that won't get lost in a cocktail "

Distilled Spirits Awards 40mm 2022_Silver.png
Food Awards 2021 GOLD copy.png

Our Navy Gin is the overproof, juniper forward, full-bodied version of our Citrus Gin. Native species including Lemon Grass (C. ambiguus) &
Sweet Peppermint leaf (A. flexuosa) along with fresh citrus, help lift the spirit to create a powerful style of overproof West Australian gin.


Navy Gin

57% ABV

Navy Citrus Gin


Pickle Gin

41% ABV

Our Pickle Gin uses Western Australian grown pickles, fresh dill & cucumbers along with habanero & pickle spices to create a unique gin that is the perfect companion for barbecued meat and the classic burger. A gin for all pickle lovers.

Pickle background pattern_v2.jpg

"Fresh dill pickle on the nose, sweetness on the tongue and a hint of spice on the back of the palate"

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Distilled Spirits Awards 40mm 2022_Bronze.png

A process
     rooted in 

At Bombak Distillery, we distil our gin using the traditional roots of the “one-shot” method. Some gin purists consider this the only true method of making gin. The proportions of botanicals are separately weighed, macerated (soaked) in our Australian neutral grain spirit and batch distilled.

In comparison, some distilleries use the less costly “multi-shot” method, whereby huge amounts of botanicals are distilled to produce an intense gin concentrate which is then mixed with neutral spirit and water.


We believe the romance of our method using a flame driven copper pot still, although more laborious, creates a distinct and
unique flavour profile
that we are proud of.

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Under the Liquor control Act 1988 (Western Australia) it is an offense: to sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years on licensed or regulated premises; or for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase, or attempt to purchase, liquor on licensed or regulated premises. Licence Number: 618213661619. Class of Licence: Producer’s Licence. Name of Licensee: Bombak Distillery Pty Ltd. 
© 2020 Bombak Distillery. Distilled and bottled at Unit 2, 26 Collingwood St, Osborne Park, Western Australia, 6017

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